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  Bantam Virtual Club - Online club, look out for one of our racing Bantams here.  
  BSA Bantam Homepage - Excellent, Oz based, Standard Bantam resource (racing Bantams made it here too)  
  The A.C.U. - Auto Cycle Union. (You must be a member of ACU  & VMCC to race in the Formula Bantam Championship- see our section'Start Racing')  
  Vintage Motor Cycle Club - VMCC. (the umbrella club for Formula Bantam Racing)   
  VMCC Racing - The racing arm of the VMCC - ! UPDATED LINK !  
  The BSA Owners club - Dedicated to the preservation & use of all BSA motorcycles  

- See more pictures on Russell Lee's website

  HSS Timing - Official HSS Timing Results for the VMCC.  


: BSA Bantam Racing 2001, 2002, 2003

update: July/Aug 2003