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125 Bantam Formula

1.    CAPACITY:    All  machines will be of 125cc.  Oversize pistons to +2mm are allowed on any engine, and 58mm long stroke engines (normally 52mm bore) are allowed to use up to an including 55mm pistons, allowing use of modern available equipment.

2.    ENGINE:         Modifications to engine or gearbox are allowed, provided that conditions (a) to (e) below are met: -

(a)   Bantam crankcases must be used.

(b)   Disc valve induction is prohibited.

(c)    Pressurised fuel injection is prohibited.

(d)   Only BSA close ratio and BSA normal ratios gears or exact copies (e.g. AA Snell ) to be used. Maximum number of gears: Three

(e)   Only standard cylinder barrel to be used, but may be modified internally. (Alloy Todd and BTW copies deemed to be standard but to remain aircooled, not liquid cooled)

3.    FRAME:            Must retain Bantam main loop, but may be modified.

4.    WHEELS:          Must retain wire-spoke wheels

5.    BRAKES:          Front brake - No restrictions
                          Rear brake - Bantam rear hub to be retained but may be modified.

6.    FORKS:             No restrictions

7.    TANK:               Must be mounted in normal position on machine.

8.    FUEL:                Only Petrol or Avgas 100LL mixture to be used.

9.  ACU standing regulations for road racing machines apply (where applicable).

Version 22-08-01. 

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: BSA Bantam Racing 2001

update: Jan 2002