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Bantam Racing - Getting Started...


First decision -  125 or 175?

125ís are normally faster, but a lot more difficult to ride. 175ís are a lot easier to ride and are a good way to get out on the track & see what its all about. 175's are extremely good for tracks like Cadwell Woodlands Circuit, where you need a big pull up The Mountain. 



To Buy or to build?

Buying a good running Bantam is the easier way to start, but if there are no recently used ones for sale, then building is your only choice. 

The cost of building a complete race Bantam from scratch is currently about £1000 depending on specification. Time to build varies on who you know, and what equipment you have. (My first took nearly a year & the last one only 2 months).



Getting help....The BSA Bantam Tuning Manual

Get a copy of the Tuning Manual from this site, or order a full printed copy from Andy Moulden by email or at the Track.

You will find that everyone at the track is willing to give help and advice.



Club Membership


Now assuming you have a running bantam, (well...they all start that way) join the V.M.C.C.  
(You must be a member of a club before applying for your ACU licence)


Apply for competition licence (this costs approx £25). 

You will need a novice jacket (cost approx £5, just tick the box on the ACU application form). This jacket has to be worn to make the other racers aware that you are a novice, (only when you have finished 10 meetings and collected 10 signatures, can you say goodbye to it). 



Riders Kit

  • Helmet,
  • One Piece Leathers,
  • Gloves,
  • Boots
  • Dog tag with name and date of birth on it.



Enter First Race

Write to Race Entry Secretary (J. Allison, 25 Herthull Road, Thurnby Lodge, Leics, LE5 2EL) and request the entry forms.

Entries are normally due in (at the latest) 2 weeks before the date of the race. Check out this years Race Dates.

New!  To receive a VMCC Road Race Registration Number:
Fill in the Machine Registration Form (this should be included with the Entry Forms) & return it with 4 photographs (front, rear & each side) of your machine to G. Daine, 76 Colin Ave, Grimsby DN32 8EN.


Race day routine

  • Get your Bike scrutineered (like an MOT test).  Get down to scrutineering as early as you can, as the queue can get very long - and don't forget your Scrutineering card!

  • Get Clothing scrutineered - Don't forget your Dog Tag, or they won't sign your Scrutineering card.

  • Sign On in Paddock Office, (showing both VMCC membership & ACU licence cards)  - pick up Program and practice pass

  • Pick up your Timing Transponder and fit to bike  (brackets cost £3.00 from the Paddock Office)

  • Check Program for your Race numbers (& try to remember them for later.)

  • Wait till engine start time (normally 9 am, except for Sundays)  - make sure your bike works.

  • Wait for call for First Solo Practise

  • Go to collecting area.

Every one looks apprehensive before first race! 
(the author in March 1977)

  • Enjoy your first practise. 
    (try following another bike, this way you will learn the way round the track quicker.)

  • Return to paddock, check bike is OK for its first race.

  • Re-fuel!! 

  • Wait for the announcement for your race

  • Assemble in warm up area

  • Form up on grid then set off for sighting lap (note: this procedure may vary slightly at some tracks)

  • Form up on grid again,  wait for flag to drop.....

You are now racing!!!

Result sheets can be purchased for 5p per sheet from the Paddock Office at the end of the day's racing


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update: Apr 2002