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Bantam Tuning Manual

Section Title Document Size
I General Preparation 867 kb
II Standard Bore & Stroke 325 kb
III 54 x 54 (Short Stroke) Tuning 96 kb
IV 56 x 50.5 Tuning 294 kb
V 175 Formula Bantam Sprinter 934 kb
VI Technical Ramblings 323 kb
VII Frame Modifications 2.41 Mb

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These documents are provided by the kind permission of the Authors.  
Please do not modify them, or distribute them for gain or profit.  

If you have any modifications, any document that you would like to add to the Manual or this website, or require hardcopies of any section, then please email the Keeper of The Tuning Manual for further details. 

Caution: We accept no responsibility for blown engines or other damage when using this data!

: BSA Bantam Racing 2001, 2002

update: Apr 2002